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How to Wear Flats Without Looking Frumpy


More than any other time of the year, the holidays are the time to be the most glamorous version of yourself. Bring on the bling and sparkle!  Heels can go a long way to upping your chic factor and bringing a sense of occasion to an outfit, but there are times when a girl opts for comfort over glam. Not to worry, with these tips, you can be just as stylish in your flats as you are in your heels.

Add a Little Pizzazz

Flats don’t have the same leg lengthening and sexy sophistication as heels. Choose a pair that has a little extra something to add visual interest. Look for ones with colour, texture, shine or embellishments and an overall look that matches the formality of the rest of your outfit.

Flats With Dresses or Skirts

Flats can look frumpy and have a stumpifying effect when worn with a longer dress or skirt, so choose a hemline that is above the knee to visually lengthen your legs. Wearing a pointy toe or almond toe will have an elongating effect as well.

Flats With Pants

Ankle length pants with flats are a stylish choice because showing that little bit of skin is youthful and modern. If comfort is your top priority, however, you might want to avoid drafty ankles by choosing a full-length pant. When wearing a full-length pant with flats, be sure they are not so long as to bunch over the top of the foot or drag on the ground at your heel, but not too short as to look like they shrunk in the wash.

If you’re wearing skinny pants with flats be sure they don’t bunch up at your ankles, or they will look sloppy. Be aware that the narrowing effect of the skinny pant with a flat can highlight wide hips and create an ice cream cone-shaped silhouette. A wide-leg trouser with a pointed or almond toe is a more flattering and elegant look.

A Note About Socks with Flats

Socks with flats can look dowdy (although the look is currently having a moment). For a cozy and easier-to-wear option, consider Hue liners or something similar with ankle pants. They allow your feet to be toasty warm without compromising your good taste.

You can be comfortable without sacrificing style.  It can be easy with the right pieces in your closet. I can show you how. Contact me today and make 2019 your most stylish and joyful year yet.




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