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Value Village Thrift Stores – Not Just For the Thrifty!

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I am not ashamed to admit that one of my favourite things to do is to poke around thrift shops like Value Village. I find it relaxing as well as exciting. To me, it’s like searching for buried treasure. I love the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction that comes from finding a castoff that still has lots of life in it.

I absolutely revel in finding a bargain. But knowing what I know now about fast fashion and the landfill, I have come to realize there are more reasons than finding bargains to shop Value Village.

3 Reasons to Shop Value Village Thrift Stores That Aren’t About Being Thrifty


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The Environment 

After oil companies, the fashion industry is the top polluter. Much of the pollution is created in the manufacturing process, but we as consumers, are just as guilty when we buy into fast fashion that quickly becomes unwearable.

In order to keep clothing out of the landfill, it makes sense to buy better quality and to wear our garments as long as possible. We owe it to our planet to become conscious consumers.  There are times though, when a girl’s just gotta have something new to wear. Think of shopping thrift as “new to you“. Shopping second hand instead of buying new all the time helps to reduce the amount of garbage.

Personal Style 

Perhaps you want to experiment with a new style direction, but aren’t quite ready to commit.  A thrift store can help you find a few pieces to experiment with. The real leather skirt I found was exactly what I needed to try out the rocker chic look I was contemplating.

Often you can find pre-loved items that are better quality than something new from a giant retailer. I have found classic pieces such as fully lined blazers, skirts and trousers in wonderful condition. On more than one occasion I have said to myself, “I can’t believe someone is done with this!”  I have also found trendy items that I knew would update the items I already had at home in my closet.

Value Village is Halloween Headquarters

Halloween is the best time of year to go. Whether you know exactly what it is you are looking for, or if you have no idea and need costume inspiration. Value Village never disappoints. They have costumes for babies and kids, as well as adults. There’s a huge area dedicated to costumes if you want to sift through those racks, but personally, I enjoy going through the main area and trying to come up with something original.

It can be difficult at first to get your head around thrifting, but once you do, it’s extremely fun and satisfying. Get yourself to your nearest Value Village and explore the possibilities!






A woman standing in front of a concrete wall.








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This post was sponsored by Value Village, but all opinions are my own.

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