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A Pencil Skirt With Flats? What You Need to Know to Make it Work

A woman in black shoes and silver dress.

A pencil skirt is one of those classic closet items that is a wardrobe work horse. It dresses up for corporate settings, and dresses down for weekend daytime events. Pencil skirts have this mystical power to look amazing on all body shapes. They add curves to straight shapes and graciously slide over hips on curvaceous shapes. Classically, a pencil skirt paired with heels is an easy go-to uniform for the office. But flat shoes pair in an equally complementary way. Let me show you what I mean.

 A Pencil Skirt with Flats: How to make it work

One reason why high heeled shoes are such a natural pairing with a pencil skirt is that elevating the heel lengthens the leg. The heel of the shoe elevates the back of the foot, making the space between the ankle and the toe appear as part of the length of the leg. The most complementary flats to wear with pencil skirts are ones that seem to lengthen the line of the leg.

Colour of the Shoe

Aim to keep the colour of your shoe closer to the tone of your skin. This small trick can work to lengthen your leg line. That’s not to say that you should wear a nude-for-you coloured flat shoe with your pencil skirt, though you can. Simply, a cognac, pink or even a grey flat will be more lengthening than a black flat on paler skin tones. A burgundy, coral or pewter shoe will be more lengthening than a white shoe on darker skin tones.

A woman in red skirt and black jacket

A woman in floral skirt and jacket holding a book.

A woman in sunglasses and heels standing on steps.

A woman in a blue shirt and striped skirt

Shape of the Shoe

Consider how the shape of the shoe you wear might work to lengthen the leg. Realistically, a square or very round shaped flat will not work as well with a pencil skirt to elongate the leg line. On the other hand, a pointy toe on a flat shoe will create balance with the pencil skirt.

A woman in a blue skirt and white shirt

A woman walking down the street holding flowers.

A woman wearing a black jacket and brown skirt.

The Joy of Style

Adjusting both the shape of the shoe and its colour will change how comfortable you are with pairing your pencil skirt with flats. For more tips on shaking up your wardrobe, make a date for The Joy of Style to visit your closet.

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  • Corina | Frump Fighters
    November 27, 2018 at 4:05 pm

    Girl those tips are so smart! Using a similar color to your skin and going with pointy. I will keep this in mind!

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