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Wearable Solutions For Camouflaging Your Midsection

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Midsection Redirection

Every one of us has a part of our body we love. We all also have parts of our bodies we don’t feel so fondly about. Many women identify their midsection as that body part they want to downplay. We are not saying you should hide your tummy, but if that’s what you want, we can help. We will guide you on how to direct attention away from your midsection, if that is your preference. Here are a few tricks to help you dress in a way that makes you feel beautiful all over.


Direct attention away from your midsection by emphasizing other parts of you. Show off those parts you feel great about. Maybe you have killer legs that you are continually complimented on. Perhaps you are proud of your fantastic rear. Or your delicate bone structure has given you collarbones to swoon for. To distract from a belly you might be uncomfortable with, highlight the features you love about your body.
1. Draw attention to your bottom half. This takes the focus away from your tummy and moves it to your lovely legs. Use pattern strategically. Try a striped or geometric-patterned pull-on tube skirt. Wear printed silky track pants. For a business casual look at the office, look for slim ankle pants that have a small repeating pattern. Go for brighter or lighter colours on your legs. For instance, white jeans will bring focus to your legs. Try a flirty skirt in your favourite non-neutral colour.
A woman in grey sweater and leopard print skirt.
A woman standing in front of a wall wearing sunglasses.

A woman standing on the street wearing floral pants.



 2. Pair a slim bottom with an oversized top.

Think about thick leggings (no flimsy fabrics) paired with a tunic top or a loose button-up shirt that is not fitted through the waist. Details such as a split-side hem or a shirttail hem that curves up at the sides help to minimize focus on your tummy. To avoid looking bigger than you are, ensure that the top isn’t simply too big for you. Oversized shirts and sweaters need to fit in the shoulders and arms. Add extra structure and detail with a half tuck of the front hem and rolled- or pushed-up sleeves.

A woman in black pants and green shirt holding sunglasses.

A woman standing on the sidewalk with her purse.

A woman leaning against a brick wall wearing black pants and white shirt.

A woman in white sweater standing on the street.

3. Pull the focus all the way up. 
Lift the viewer’s eye up to your gorgeous face. Accomplish this with a bold necklace or a colourful scarf. Neckline can also bring focus to your face, especially an open collar, butalso a scoop or a V-neck. Or try some embellishment on the shoulders.
A woman standing in front of a door wearing white.
A woman standing in front of an outdoor patio.
A woman in jeans and leather jacket standing on the sidewalk.


This technique is about disguising your tummy with cut, fit and details.
1. Wear an open front top layer with some volume. Pair some stretchy skinny jeans with a drapey T (a V-neck helps to elongate your body) and a loose long cardigan or a Boyfriend blazer. The visible portion of the shirt under the top layer is like a stripe down your front, creating a lengthening effect. The volume of the loose garment hides the sides of your tummy, creating a smoother look. The inherent structure of a blazer and the fitted shoulders of a cardigan keep you from looking overwhelmed by a voluminous top.
A woman in white jacket holding a silver purse.
A woman wearing jeans and a sweater.
2. Try tops with details at the waist. The objective here is to take the focus away from your tummy and put it on the shirt, without adding any bulk to your midsection. Many top styles fit in this category, including a loose peplum top, a fold-under blouse, a shirt with an empire waist or a top with thin elastic at the hem (it creates a faux-tucked effect). It is important that these styles fit well in the shoulders and in the length so as not to be mistaken for a maternity tops.
A woman walking down the street wearing jeans and sneakers.
A woman wearing a gray sweater and black pants.
3. Wear well-fitted underpinnings.

Do not underestimate the power of a well-fitting bra. If the girls are low, they visually add size to your tummy and you appear rounder than you are. When the girls are lifted you appear younger, taller and slimmer, instantly. 

We want you to dress in clothes that make you feel beautiful everyday. During your closet consultation, we will take you through the items in your closet and help you make them work for you, or help you find pieces that do. Contact us and let the joy begin.

A woman in black pants and striped shirt holding a purse.
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