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Dress Thinner Now – 3 Simple Ways That Don’t Include Losing Weight or Wearing Spanx

A woman standing in front of a wall holding onto a purse.

Never before in fashion history has there been more proof than today that bodies of all shapes, sizes and ages can be attractive and stylish. Yet despite all the advances made by the body-positivity movement in recent years, many women still long to be slimmer. I hear it constantly from my clients. It’s like they’re apologizing for their size. I’m a firm believer you need and deserve to dress your body well at every size. In fact, dressing your body well at your current size will assist you in reaching a state of body acceptance and body love. At the same time, however, I wouldn’t be doing my job as a personal stylist if I couldn’t help clients attain their style goals. If looking slender is a fashion-first-concern for you, here are a few tricks (part art, part science) to dress thinner.

3 Simple Ways to Dress Thinner Now

Wear clothing that fits well

This sounds like a no-brainer, yet many folks are unaware of this basic principle.  When your clothes are too tight you look and feel uncomfortable. You end up tugging at your outfit which is never chic. When you’re wearing clothing that is too big in the hopes of hiding your body, you wind up looking sloppy and bigger than you are. You don’t need to lose weight, you just need to wear clothing that fits! Clothing that fits you well, hugs your curves or skims your body will always be more flattering and comfortable.  (It also looks more expensive.) Ignore the number on the size tag and wear what looks and feels good.

A close up of many pairs of jeans


Create vertical lines 

Just as in art or photography, anytime you visually elongate something you also make it appear more narrow. Therefore, if a leaner look is what you’re after, creating vertical lines with your clothing and accessories will give you the desired effect.  Add a long necklace or long earrings. Sport vertical stripes if you want to dress thinner.


A woman wearing a long necklace and a sweater.



A woman wearing black pants and green shirt.



A woman wearing a striped jumpsuit with a bow.



Pro Tip: Layer a jacket over a contrasting coloured top and bottom. The long line you create from the neck down is lengthening and narrowing.

A woman in black pants and white jacket holding a pink purse.


Wear a column of colour or go monochromatic

Contrary to popular opinion, black is not the only slimming colour. No need to look like you’re off to a funeral. Wearing shades of any one colour is a great way to dress slimmer. With a monochromatic outfit, you visually reduce the number of horizontal lines/breaks creating one loooooong vertical lean line.


A woman in a dress and coat standing outside.



A woman in grey coat walking down the street.

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Once you learn how to play with scale, proportion and colour and figure out how they relate to your body, you can create the effects you desire and avoid the ones you don’t. You also realize how much fashion and style are fundamentally about devising beautiful illusions.

Fashion should be fun, not stressful!

Because you’ve got way more important things to do than worry about what to wear, you need a functional wardrobe that makes stylish dressing a breeze. And because of the fabulous person you are, you deserve a closet that celebrates and showcases all that fabulousness.

If you’re not enjoying your closet then we need to hang out. Shoot me an email and let’s chat.








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